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Integrating Podcasts into Your Content Marketing Strategy

We talk a lot around here about embedding podcasts into other marketing content. From full episodes to clips, we believe embedding allows you to infuse all of your content with podcast insights in a way that’s valuable for your audience and, frankly, just so darn convenient. 

But we’re marketers after all, so we’re rarely content to stay content. Let’s see if we can convince you to take it one step further. 

What if you embedded the idea of podcasts into, say, your entire marketing strategy? Now that would be something. 

As one of the fastest-growing marketing channels, podcasting deserves more love and attention in your content strategy. Truly, the two go hand in hand. Let’s take a look at the reasons why B2B podcasting deserves a seat at the strategy table — and how you can get it there.

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Why You Should Mix Your B2B Podcast into Your Content Strategy

Audiences have made it clear they prefer intriguing, connected experiences across channels. And brands who are embracing this engaging content are winning big. 

The medium that continues to thrive? The almighty conversation. 

Podcasts capture good, old-fashioned conversations in a way that written content simply can’t. And here are a few reasons why: 

    • Audiences prefer more human exchanges. People prefer more engaging methods of communications — it’s in our nature. That’s why stale, robotic copy and monotonous research papers won’t cut it anymore. Conversational marketing is taking over, and brands who embrace real, transparent messaging are seeing huge returns. 

    • Podcasts capture true thought leadership. Thought leadership can’t be created in a silo. It must feature diverse ideas and draw on multiple perspectives to be most impactful and credible. Podcasts make it easy to capture conversations from both internal and external experts, creating a wealth of information that breeds new thought leadership. As a brand, it’s important to harness dimensional ideas from true experts to go beyond what everyone else is saying.  

    • Podcasts breed inspiration. With ideas and concepts from the guests you interview, podcasts inspire new content for your marketing strategy (not the other way around). As you carefully select show topics and guests, the plans you map out should naturally align to your audience and the goals you’ve set out for your brand, meaning the two can work together for a fuller, more plentiful content strategy. 

Podcast Packages Are the New Campaigns

As marketers, we’ve been trained to build our content calendars around entire campaigns. Yet when it comes to podcasting, episodes are all too often treated as “one and done” pieces of content that are left untouched after being published. What a waste!

There’s so much gold to mine from even a single episode. When unpacked as multiple clips, a transcript, and broader content ideas, an episode can be spun out into tons of great evergreen content to be reused and embedded in so many different ways. 

Creating a “podcast package” not only allows you to squeeze the most juice (read: ROI) out of each episode, but sets you up to plan other relevant pieces around it: social media campaigns, landing pages, webinars, you name it!

For every podcast episode, plan to create a launch package that includes the following:

  1. The full podcast episode with show notes and key takeaways
  2. The podcast transcription (in full or in part), which can live as web copy to boost SEO and/or be used in the creation of additional content
  3. One or two other content pieces that align with the podcast topic. Once a raw interview is available, charge your content team with identifying new or related topics that fit. 
  4. Audio clips and takeaways that you can embed in future content
  5. Rich fodder for brainstorming. Gather the team and think through things like: What insights opened up in this episode? How could sales use this conversation? Where could we embed some of the key nuggets? 

The team at OpenView never lets its content stand alone. Instead, their content strategy is designed to work harmoniously, using different channels to drive key messages.

“We’ve created this community of people who...can get tactical information and key takeaways to help them grow their businesses. That’s our ultimate goal,” says Bayley Dietz, Senior Marketing Manager at OpenView. 

“We use the podcast as a way to supplement that goal...connecting the leaders we know in our network with our community of readers—just in a different channel. The blog is still very core to what we do, and the podcast is a great way to supplement that.” 

Listen to Bayley's full episode here.

Embedded Bliss

Once you start weaving your podcast more fully into your overall content strategy, you can easily start embedding, reusing, and repurposing the content you create into other mediums like emails, ABM campaigns, sales cadences, customer education, and so much more. 

As long as there’s an audience to consume it, the list of potential content you can create is endless.

It’s time for the conversations you’re having to reach their full potential. At Casted, we’re kind of obsessed with conversations, and we’ve mastered the art of using them to fuel better marketing through strategic podcast management, activation, and measurement. We’ve combined the ability to host, transcribe, schedule, create clips, share on social, embed, and so much more into a single platform for maximizing your show’s (and brand’s) ROI. Sounds like a lot, but we make it so simple!

Let us show you around with a quick demo or conversation.

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