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How Amplified Marketing Can Simplify Your Content Planning Process

When planning and creating content, most marketers have one goal in mind: Engage with your audience and push them to make a decision. 

Whether you want the audience to buy, download, or watch something online, there’s a better and more organic way that yields stronger results — conversational content amplification.

You probably already have a ton of conversations with subject matter experts hidden in webinars, B2B podcasts, or even one-on-one conversations. But it shouldn’t just stop there. You can wring out each of those conversations, reuse and repurpose them to create content that impacts your audience. 

Your audience are human beings too, with emotions. Through a two-way conversation, you can easily trigger these innate emotions, engage more with your audience, and make them more likely to build a loyal relationship with your brand.

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Why You Should Embrace Conversational Content 

Interactions between brands are increasing, and they’re getting more conversational. Around 82% of customers demand real-time responses from the brands they interact with, resulting in an increased adoption of nascent AI-powered tools and chatbots. 

There’s no better time to align conversational content to your content planning and inbound digital marketing strategy. Conversational content can help you draw consumer-oriented insights. This way, you won’t second guess your content plan. It also helps you optimize the customer journey and position you as an authority or thought leader in a dynamic business environment. 

Your audience wants to know why they should buy from or interact with you. So give them a reason to rely on you. You can do that by:

    • Building trust by providing valuable content
    • Delivering personalized experiences
    • Meeting customers in their preferred channel — not the channel you think they should be using

The question is: how do you integrate conversations in the content planning process to create engaging and impactful content?

Enter amplified marketing, a new approach to enterprise marketing that starts with an expert and puts interviews and conversations at the center of your content planning process.

Here are four ways amplified marketing simplifies your content planning process: 

1. Align on Themes

It’s not enough to consistently publish posts to earn traffic — even if it’s through various channels. If your audience isn’t engaging with your content, all your efforts and traffic mean nothing. 

There are multiple ways to increase engagement and create an impact. But one of the easiest is to center your content plan around themes. A content theme is a broad topic you use to create a set of sequential blog posts. You pick a topic to focus on over a set period like a week, month, or quarter.

For instance, an art blog content plan could have acrylic painting as one of their themes. A couple of posts you could publish include: “XX Must-Have Acrylic Brushes” or “How to Paint Landscapes with Acrylic Paint,” and so on.

Your team also needs to understand the topics that will be covered under each theme to align the conversations needed to drive an effective content plan. Themes not only make it easier to identify the topics to cover — they also identify what experts to chat with to bring the topics to life in a way that serves your audience.

Aligning your content to a theme can engage your audience in three ways: 

    • It makes your content easier to follow as they enjoy a more consistent flow that helps them achieve their goals. 
    • They have more reason to come back for subsequent content that you publish. 
    • You can create goals or challenges your audience can participate in. They’ll keep coming back to report their progress while seeing how others’ challenges are coming along.

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2. Tap into the Topics Within Each Conversation

Your audience craves great content in whatever form they can get it — text, audio or video. Brands that offer a daily fix can attract and convert more leads. But the challenge lies in meeting the high demand for quality content. 

If you don’t have the time to make volumes of excellent content, you can tap into the topics in your internal or external conversations. Use them to create a blog post, podcast, or video interview. 

That’s what Tobe Agency did when they needed to expand their content marketing strategy.

“We stumbled across podcasting," Jared Sanders, Co-Founder and Creative Director at Tobe Agency, admits. "So, this was maybe about four or five years ago when we kind of first started. We recorded our first podcast. It was he and I sitting in a bedroom with one mic in between us and a terrible sound environment. So, no quality, but we recorded our first podcast; it was about 45 minutes. And from that podcast, we learned that we were able to get a few other pieces of media. We got a blog post out of it, just doing simple things like converting it into text. Then we were able to pull some, what we call micro-content out of it, which were just, ‘Let’s clip some highlights or hot takes from our conversation. We can put those on social. We can put those into our, into other blog posts that expand on those ideas.’”

Don’t just let the conversation itself be the sole driver of content. Find out what other topics were left out of the conversation. Then use them to fuel other formats or pieces of content. You can even treat each conversation as a mini-content centerpiece and spin off other topics from it for posts or additional conversations. 

3. Find Related Content from Your Content Archives 

You spent hours or days creating great content. At first, it enjoyed solid exposure. A few months down the line, it’s almost ignored. 

How can you put your archived content to good use? By finding related content for your newfound topics. Old content has accumulated backlinks and gives an opportunity to create new content that ensures maximum return on effort. 

Dig into your content archives and find pieces that align to your current theme. You can reuse and repurpose those content pieces to create great content that consistently impacts your audience.

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4. Keep a Pulse on Content that Performs Best with Your Audience

Keeping up with your audience’s interests is a great way to make your brand content more relatable. But you likely don’t know all your audience’s concerns, hobbies, and interests. 

So where do you start? How do you figure out what their needs are? What do they look for when they visit your website or store?

Here are a few ideas:

    • Keep tabs on interests related to your brand
    • Stay relevant 
    • Create an action plan that helps you keep a pulse on what’s going on in the space
    • Keep an eye on the content that serves your audience and brand best

All these will help you shape future content ideas or themes, and better predict and serve your audience. 

Times change, demographics shift, and your audience’s interests evolve. They may not change as often, but they impact the efficiency of your content planning process and your marketing. 

Amplify Your Content

As new generations arrive on the scene and technology evolves, it becomes challenging to find fresh ways to connect with your audience. Without learning more about your audience and adapting your strategy, your current efforts may miss the mark and go to waste. Staying relevant and resonating with your audience in an ever-changing landscape requires an action plan that simplifies content planning and boosts your digital amplification.

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