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How Morales Group Amplifies Their Content for Different Channels and Platforms

This season on The Casted Podcast, we are bringing in some excellent guests and current Casted clients, who are not only at the top of their games but are actively practicing what we here at Casted preach with our Amplified Marketing Platform for B2B marketers.

One such guest featured recently on the podcast is Seth Morales. Seth is the CEO of Morales Group, Inc., a staffing and recruiting company with a podcast powered by Casted, entitled No Milk No Sugar. The podcast is all about business beneath the sweetener and the milk, where Seth and the other guests get real about why they do what they do in business. Seth is trying to use his podcast to cut through some of the BS and get to the nitty-gritty of what it’s really like to run a business.

Seth discusses how his podcast, No Milk No Sugar, benefits his business. He gives insight into the CEO perspective that can help you strategize your marketing initiative. He also shares the different ways to use your podcast to build community and use your podcast content on multiple platforms.

Seth shared his perspective on why he’s prioritizing the podcast show for his business and offers insights into how you can help your CEO and leadership see the value in podcasting too.

Creating Content That Can Be Used in Different Ways on Different Platforms

Any of you who have tried your hand at it know that podcasting, not unlike running a business, is not easy. It’s not fast, it’s not quick, and it certainly takes an investment of your most valuable resource: time. When we asked Seth about why he considers podcasting worth this investment of his valuable time (he is a very busy man, after all), he answered in simple terms: It all comes down to the value factor.

Seth said, “Having a platform like [a podcast gives you] great content that you can chop up and dissect and then distribute into other platforms like Instagram or LinkedIn to be relevant.” He added, “From a marketing and brand awareness standpoint, we see a lot of value there.”

By leveraging the tools needed to find and amplify their existing content, marketers no longer have to produce mass amounts of new content. Instead, they can rely on conversations with industry experts — which are full of valuable insights audiences crave — to create engaging content that fuels the entire marketing strategy. So, in short, podcast content can be repurposed into the gift that keeps on giving.

Podcasting Helps Build Community and Drive Value

According to Seth, a podcast is an incredible way to foster community and drive up its value. “I think podcasting is a great way to build a tribe or community, whether it’s massive, like Joe Rogan, or [more of a] small narrow niche group, [like] what I do.” And, what is that community built upon at its very core? Connections and relationships.

“And so that's really important to us as well, and we think if you can curate or cultivate that community the right way and add some value, have some cool guests, [and] be real.” Seth continued, “I think it's all about trying to provide value. And podcasts for me, I listen to them often when I'm running or I'm driving to and from in the car. There's entertainment, but there's also learning.”

Connections and Relationships Are the Most Valuable Result of Networking

Seth shared how podcasting attracts not only listeners but converts customers and even talent. “You’ve built these relationships, and you get people to maybe buy into what you’re doing, and then, eventually, they become a customer, or they want to use your recruiting or staffing service, or they want to use your podcast platform.”

He added, “What’s also really interesting is just the talent attraction that you can create with building a community or a tribe, whether it’s socially on LinkedIn or Instagram or Tech Talk or on a podcast. It’s really cool to see how many people have reached out to me to say, ‘Hey, I heard you on the IBJ podcast. I love what you’re doing with your culture and your mission. That really resonates with what and who I am; I’d love to come work for you.’”

Stick with It: Rewards Are Worth the Wait

Seth also passed along some much needed encouragement and insight for those listening who may be discouraged or feel overwhelmed amid the podcast world. He encouraged listeners to be patient and focus on the long game and what matters most. “This is not a sprint. This is a marathon. And this is more about a long-term play, where you’ve got to put in work on the front end, plant your seeds.”

Seth reiterated: “It’s a long game, and it’s going to take some time, but I’m not looking for necessarily the ROI right off the bat. I’m looking to build a community and add value, and in return, there’s so much goodness that comes on the back end.”

So, what now? According to Seth, “If you really want to build something worthwhile, you’ve got to put your head down for at least, in my opinion, six, 12, 18 months, and then come up for air and look at how you’ve done.”

And when you are “there,” measuring how you are doing, Seth reminded: “It’s not necessarily about how many followers or listeners or subscribers that you have, it’s more about the impact and the value that you’re trying to make.”

Want to heighten your impact and increase your value? We’re here to help support and guide you every step of the way. Reach out to Casted today for a demo and to hear how we can get you started.