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How to Measure the Value of Your Podcast with Casted and Hubspot

If you’re managing your brand’s podcast, you’ve probably been asked questions like these:

“How has the podcast impacted our revenue goals?”
“I see we have downloads, but what value is our podcast providing to the brand?”
“Who is listening to our podcast? Are we reaching our TAM?”

We’ve all been there. No, literally - that’s one of the reasons Casted is a thing. As marketers at a global SaaS company, we were hard pressed to prove the success of our podcast beyond showcasing the so-called vanity metrics of podcast syndication powerhouses like Apple and Spotify: listens and downloads. And while those metrics are important (hello brand awareness and building an audience!), we also know those are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the value that podcasting can provide for your brand.

So at Casted, we set out to build a platform that could help marketers harness the power of podcasting by giving them tools that would help them better access, amplify, and attribute their podcast.

And while we continue to build out our platform to give marketers access to untapped podcasting metrics, we also didn’t want to create another set of data that lived separate from other marketing metrics that mattered. Data is beautiful, but without the ability to easily take action on that data, it can get lost in the mix.

Enter our HubSpot integration. We knew that in order for marketers to get the most value out of the data they’re getting from their podcast, we needed to feed that data into their HubSpot data to help them see how their contacts are interacting with their podcasts and how their podcast is impacting the bottom line. Not only that, but access to listener data allows you to create campaigns against your podcast listeners - hello opportunity!

So what is the Casted/HubSpot integration, how does it work, and how can you use it to create reports to better understand the place your podcast plays in the customer journey? Let’s break it down!

The Basics of the Casted Hubspot Integration

As a quick recap, with just a couple of clicks, you can link your Hubspot account with Casted. And just like that, listening behavior will start to populate as activities on contacts. You’ll also see new contact properties aggregating their lifetime listening behavior.

This is kind of a big deal.

Basics_1 Basics_2

You can now point to a contact and see exactly how they are interacting with your podcast content.

Reporting on Podcast Performance

Ok - but we can do more than just show how a single contact is interacting with your content. Here are some ideas:

Listen Time By Funnel Stage

We can illustrate where in the journey people are listening to your podcast. In the chart below you can see we’re reaching our listeners in the top of the funnel. It’s helpful to look at both an average listen time and total listen time as the number of contacts in each stage impacts the picture:


Here we’re showing a couple things:

• Our leads and contacts are listening
• We have customers engaging with our content
• We can drill in to see if specific shows or episodes are attracting certain points of the funnel

Account Based Podcasting

You can easily pull together a list of companies you’re targeting and look to see if contacts at those accounts are listening to the podcast. This can be a great way to see if your content is reaching high profile accounts, but it also encourage sales and business development to leverage podcast content.

Influenced Revenue and Pipeline

With a custom cross-object report, you can correlate podcast activity with pipeline and revenue. At Casted, we keep this simple, by identifying any deal that has an associated contact where their last listen date was between the Deal’s opening and closing dates.


Impact on Deal Length and Average Contract Value

There are other ways to show the impact of your content - look at the differences in deals where contacts listened to a podcast versus those that didn’t.

With the Casted Podcast, we’ve found that on average, we’re closing deals faster and our ACV is higher! Anecdotally, our Sales team tells us they’ve even had prospects listen to a podcast episode and request contracts shortly after!


There’s So Much More

This is just the low hanging fruit when it comes to integrating your podcast and video content performance into your marketing and sales reporting. Casted helps unlock the full potential of your content strategy and finally prove the value of your podcast.

Now, the next time you’re in a meeting being asked how your podcast affects the bottom line, you’ve got quite the story to tell.