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Using the Casted Media Bridge Integration with HubSpot to Amplify Podcast Marketing and Prove ROI

At Casted, we empower marketers to use podcast content as the center of their content marketing strategy. Our users harness the power of conversation to create rich, relevant, expert-driven content that serves their audience and delivers results.

Leading companies with brand podcasts like Salesforce, Drift, Sumo Logic, Pendo, and LogicGate trust Casted’s platform to take the conversations they have and share, repurpose, and repromote them as part of their marketing strategy.

In our mission to change the world of content marketing and help marketers get excited about their roles again, we are working every day to help people more easily access and distribute the conversations they’re having and content they’re creating. To give Casted users even more opportunities to share their content and analyze performance, we joined HubSpot's App Partner Program and became part of the Media Bridge integration launch.

Media Bridge enables users to access their Casted podcasts and videos within HubSpot to then easily embed them into emails or landing pages  The integration helps marketers understand how their content is driving traffic, impacting the buyer’s cycle, influencing revenue, and more. Now, with Media Bridge and the CRM integration, the ease of use and combination with HubSpot’s contact analytics will help marketers learn more about their audience and make data-driven content strategy decisions.

Why Marketers are Combining Audio + Video Content with Marketing Insights to Prove ROI

Traditional podcasting syndication channels like Apple and Spotify force marketers to rely on vanity data like downloads and listens to gauge the effectiveness of their podcast. With Casted, marketers can use podcast and video content as part of their marketing strategy, but they also have a more clear understanding of who their listeners are, what episodes are driving the most value, and how they are impacting their business.

By connecting HubSpot and Casted, marketers using HubSpot Growth Platform can understand how their podcast is driving traffic, impacting the buyer’s cycle, influencing revenue, and affecting brand awareness through reports and dashboards and directly on the contact level.

Without integrated tools, when marketers are creating content, they live siloed in other tools. Using Casted with HubSpot lets marketers easily embed audio clips, video clips, and links in marketing content like blog posts, webpages, or in channel marketing.

“With the Media Bridge integration, marketers now have access to all of their Casted podcast content directly from the HubSpot integration, making it easier than ever to pull the important and impactful conversations directly into content, landing pages, and web pages within the HubSpot CMS.” – Holly Pels, VP of Marketing, Casted

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Key Uses for the Casted and HubSpot Media Bridge Integration

Many content teams don’t have immediate access to the transcripts, audio, and video content found on channels outside of the blog. The Media Bridge + Casted integration allows every member of your team working on content to have direct access to the audio and video content, like audio clips, video clips, and direct links, of the content hosted in the Casted platform. Marketers can access all of the podcast and video content directly from the integration while writing content in the CMS, building landing pages, or editing web pages without needing to leave the HubSpot Growth Platform.

  1. Turn your entire website into multimedia experiences.
    By using Media Bridge with Casted, marketers can enhance written content with audio and video snippets or full podcast episodes to add more engaging opportunities to content. 62% of podcast listeners are listening to more pods now than they were a year ago.
  2. Improve conversion rates throughout the buyer’s journey with multimedia content.
    Branded podcasts improve purchase intent by 14%, and can help with overall brand awareness, contributing to better conversion rates across the board. With access to Casted content right in HubSpot’s email, blog, and landing pages, you can create segmented nurturing campaigns that convert.
  3. Prove the ROI of brand podcasts.
    Link listening or viewing activity to customer pipeline data in HubSpot’s CRM, and track influenced revenue from podcast listeners. 
  4. Access detailed podcast analytics related to contacts in HubSpot.
    Beyond lightweight metrics like downloads, use HubSpot to explore rich data and insights associated with podcast listens and connected to individual HubSpot contacts. Sales teams can use this data to guide conversations and improve the sales process.
  5. Understand how your multimedia topics, guests, episodes, shows, and more are performing.
    By using Media Bridge with Casted, you unlock new data about how your audio and video content are performing. When embedding through the Media Bridge integration, the engagement metrics of your listeners and viewers will be tracked on both a contact level within HubSpot so you’ll immediately have an understanding of what known contacts are interacting with your brand.

“Marketers are able to embed podcast players directly onto landing pages, in blog posts, and on webpages to further engage visitors with their multimedia content. Creating a multimedia experience for visitors is becoming increasingly important as engagement becomes a central part of building a loyal customer base.” – Holly Pels, VP of Marketing, Casted

How to Access the Casted and HubSpot Integration

Start using the Casted and HubSpot Media Bridge Integration.

  1. Browse the HubSpot App Marketplace and select Casted.
  2. Install the app and the Media Bridge module will be automatically available on your portal. 
  3. Start embedding your brand podcasts, videos, and other media into HubSpot, no downloading and uploading required.