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How to Wring Out Your Video Content to Extend Its Shelf Life

Content marketing is about more than creating awesome content–as we all know, it’s about making sure that you properly promote each piece of content you develop, so it reaches your target audience.

So is it enough to post about your new blog, podcast, or video at the time you publish it? In short...nope. Especially not when the lifespan of posts on certain platforms lasts mere hours (or even seconds!).

For example, did you know:

    • Facebook posts last up to 2.5 hours
    • Instagram posts last up to 48 hours
    • Twitter posts last up to 18 minutes
    • Snapchat posts last up to 10 seconds
    • Pinterest posts last up to a whopping year (for high-quality pins)

So it’s going to take more than posting on social media to get the most out of your content, even if it’s really good video content. We advocate for really wringing out your video and getting as much juicy content from each piece of video, as much as possible. How and why do we do this? Keep reading!

Why Wring Out Your Video Content?

Before we get to the how, you may be wondering what’s the point of wringing out your video content in the first place. Well, let’s say you spend months planning a webinar (or hey, even weeks). You record it, it goes live, and then it lives “on-demand”...forever.

In this scenario, you have to hope that people will search for and watch your webinar. Otherwise, you wasted all this time and effort for it to sit and collect virtual dust.

Why put all that hard work into making a video only to let it go stale in a dark corner of your website? Why not extend its life and value?

Video content is golden on the web:

    • 85% of marketers say video is effective for getting attention online.
    • 93% of brands got new customers because of videos shared on social.
    • 87% of marketers say video helped to boost website traffic.
    • 83% of marketers say video helped generate leads.
    • 81% of marketers say video increased website dwell time.
    • 80% of marketers say video directly boosted sales.
    • Video on Twitter gets 10x the engagement.


So it’s critical to find unique ways to reuse and repurpose your video content. For example, you can turn your webinar into a podcast. This is an excellent time to open up information in other ways (besides Zoom—which people are sick to death of). Enable people to consume the content the way they want to (i.e., audio, video, and text).

Let’s explore this deeper.

How to Repurpose Video Content

Now, depending on the information in your webinar, an audio podcast may not be enough. So instead, you could go with a video podcast. Then you can turn your video podcast into other forms of content, such as:


These perform well on social media because of the visual element they add. They are short highlight clips of your video or podcast. It shows animated waves of the sound as listeners play it. Then you can direct people to the full-length content within the post.

Short Clips

This can be in either audio or video format (or both). You can include these directly on social media like you would an audiogram. Or you can add them to your blog posts as snippets users can click and play.


This is a simple way to wring out your video content. You can showcase imagery, such as charts, stats, and key takeaways to help make the content more digestible and memorable. You can use Powerpoint, Slideshare, or other tools. Some even allow you to add motion graphics, which can give more appeal to your slides. These presentations can be sent internally, to warm leads, other partners and collaborators, etc.

Blog Posts

Speaking of blog posts, you can take great talking points from your video and turn it into a blog post. You can dive deeper into the topic than what was said in the video.

A great example of this was how Privy decided to wring out a podcast. They created a spinoff of the episode but in blog format. And it highlighted the topic “Ecommerce brands to copy for SMS, email, social, and site design.”


It did an excellent job of amplified marketing –it showed the guest’s expertise, engaged people who were looking for this information, and helped with SEO.

Social Posts

You don’t want to do a single social media post of your video, blog, or other content formats. Instead, you need to create five to 10 social posts for ongoing promotion (emphasis on ongoing).

Use the key takeaways from each video podcast, and they can be teaser tweets with links back to the episodes.

Or use those key takeaways, and post them as questions on LinkedIn, and ask your audience to weigh in with their thoughts.

Using the content from your video podcast to write your social posts will make it a much easier endeavour.

Stop Wasting and Start Wringing Out Video Content

So in a nutshell – there’s a ton you can be doing with your video content. You put in a lot of time and effort into these videos, so why not wring it out and make sure you’re getting the best bang for your buck (aka time and effort). Audiograms, blog posts, tweets, long-form social posts on Facebook and LinkedIn… sky’s the limit! There’s SO MUCH you can do with it.

We truly believe that the better you get at wringing out your content, the more results you’ll see from each piece you publish–more traffic, more views, more listens, more engagement.

And let’s be honest – this is just easier to do with us. Our B2B podcasting platform allows you to upload and publish your podcasts, create audiograms, transcripts, track performance metrics, and more.

So if you’d like to learn more about video podcasting and wringing out that content, schedule a demo with Casted today!