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How Video Content Scales Relationships with Tim Glomb of Marigold

Video is the most powerful content format for marketers today, and within that format, the subset of short, easy-to-get-the-gist-of videograms are the most magnetic. This often makes video the first touch when marketing and sales connect with potential customers. A person has a problem or a pain point, and rather than wade into webinars and 30-minute to hour-long videos, they click on a two-minute takeaway clip. 

That’s how Tim Glomb, VP of Global Content at Marigold (formerly CM Group), sees many customers enter the sales funnel, way at the top and then working their way down toward a solution, yet without that short clip to fuel their interest, they’d never be in the funnel at all.   

Tim’s also the co-host of the Thinking Caps podcast, a great source for takeaway videos, and on this episode of the The Casted Podcast, he shares how podcast content becomes snackable clips, which then become these initial touch points for Marigold’s audience looking for a solution to a particular problem.  


Digging into Key Takeaways

For each episode, we like to highlight some key takeaways. Think of it as a podcast outline or live show notes. Here are just a few of the takeaways that really stood out to us in this episode.

How Podcasting Drives Business Forward 🚀

At certain stages in the maturation of a podcast, audience growth is front and center and critical to your brand’s goals, but as you graduate to the higher stages of amplification and integrating your podcast strategy with your overall marketing strategy, you begin to look at the audience in a much more strategic way than just trying to drive overall audience size. 

For Tim Glomb, the overall numbers aren’t what he cares about. It’s getting Marigold content in front of the right audience, the ones who are most likely interested in what Marigold has to offer. 

Sometimes it takes a steady stream of outreach, but with Marigold’s commitment to video content, all it takes is one click on a Thinking Caps takeaway and a potential client immediately sees the value in taking a closer look at the brand. In Tim’s case, that one click can lead to a million-dollar deal. 

Transforming Written Reports into Snackable Video Content 📝

The traditional way to produce keystone content is to create a large in-depth study about a topic relevant to your audience. Sometimes these become whitepapers, sometimes ebooks, and they’re typically compiled into an insightful report. While popularity in channels has changed over the years, that kind of content is still incredibly valuable both to your audience and to your creative team. 

Nowadays, a better way to get your audience to engage with a report is to turn it into video, especially short clips that highlight a particular key takeaway. More people will engage with that format than if you ask them to download an ebook in an ad. As Tim and his team has done, you might entice your target audience to view longer videos on the report and even read the written report itself — something that might never happen without snackable video content.   

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The Impact Video Has on Business and Relationships 🫶

When faced with reading a blog post or an ebook on a specific topic, most of the B2B audience will seek out video instead. It’s quicker and easier to digest. However, not everybody has the time to watch a whole half-hour webinar start to finish.

That’s where Tim’s snackable video strategy has really worked for Marigold. Instead of sending a 30-minute webinar to potential clients, the sales team can go to a library of 15+ videos boiling down the key points from the full webinar into two-minute clips. Of course, they’re tracking the performance of each outreach and can see who’s viewing the clips, but Tim knows it’s working for another reason: The sales team is actually using these clips to consistently engage and convert their target audience. 

Interested in More from Marigold?

For more on how Marigold can help brands with relationship marketing and lifetime loyalty, be sure to visit Marigold’s website. And if you’d like to hear more about how Tim and his team are leading the way in B2B podcasting, content amplification, and targeted snackable video, check out the Thinking Caps podcast. 

Want to skim through Tim’s episode instead of listening? Read the transcript here. 

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