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3 Lessons from OpenView, Lumavate, and Lev's Podcast Strategies

Season 5 of The Casted Podcast is officially here! On this season of the podcast, we are focusing exclusively on our own users! Why? Well, because, by becoming Casted customers, it's pretty clear how committed they are, not only to podcasting as a key piece of the future of their marketing efforts, but also to the bigger picture of how these shows fit into their integrated marketing strategy. 

They're the most forward- thinking brands that are harnessing the perspectives of experts with podcasts, but they're not stopping there. They're then wringing out those interviews to be amplified across other channels. They're practicing what we preach, and we want you to hear all about what they're doing and why they're doing it, and even better, how you can do it too!

So to kick-off this amazing season, we’re launching with not one… not two… but THREE episodes for you to binge - because they are that good!

You’ll see tons of amazing content spin out of these episodes over the coming weeks (and months, because let’s be honest, you know how we feel about wringing out your podcast and reusing and repromoting episodes). 

Today we’re kicking things off with three amazing brands who are using their podcasts to drive some pretty amazing marketing strategies: OpenView, Lumavate, and Lev. And as we were prepping these interviews, we couldn’t help but geek out over the three points we’re about to throw your way. So check them out below and be sure to dive in deeper with each of their episodes!

OpenView’s Content Carousel 

Meg Johnson, Multimedia Manager at OpenView, is brilliant when it comes to seeing the opportunity in podcasting. We love chatting with Meg about all the things she’s doing on a regular basis, because she’s always innovating and thinking of new ways the amazing conversations they are having on their podcast, BUILD, can fuel the rest of her strategy. 

Enter the Content Carousel (or the Marketing Merry-Go-Round). Whichever you prefer. 

Every piece of content offers a way to introduce their audience to different content, channels, and mediums within the OpenView brand. For example, their podcast fuels tons of content, but that’s not just blog posts. Meg finds ways to create content for different channels (like their newsletter and social media) that can introduce their newsletter audience to the podcast and vice versa. 

The OpenView team looks at their content as revolving opportunities to continually take people on an experience through one piece of content to the next. If people are staying on for the ride, they know they’re doing something right. If people are flying or jumping off too soon, they know there are areas of opportunity to improve their carousel of content. 

Listen to Meg’s full interview here

Lumavate’s Brand-Changing Podcast 

One of the amazing things about Stephanie Cox, VP of Sales and Marketing, and her team at Lumavate is their commitment to their audience. They know who Lumavate is serving and because of that, they’re all in on providing raw, honest marketing that gives their audience what they want. 

The Lumavate brand is built to help marketers who have crazy ideas bring those ideas to life quickly and effectively. So when Stephanie was thinking about the strategy for the upcoming season of their podcast, Mobile Matters, she decided she wanted to pivot their approach to better embody what Lumavate was all about. 

REAL MARKETERS was brought to life to connect marketers who move fast, get things done, and don’t settle with other real marketers who tell it like it is. Marketing isn’t all rainbows and butterflies, and Stephanie wanted a way to talk about challenges and failures just as much as success. 

But their commitment to their audience didn’t stop with a podcast. That’s just the tip of it. Instead of a podcast that lives as a separate arm of the brand, Lumavate has really embraced what REAL MARKETERS was all about. Because they’ve personified the brand’s mission, they’ve also been able to breathe the personality of the podcast into their brand. 

Outside of their language getting punchier and their brand getting bolder, the Lumavate team has also created a Slack community of real marketers who can connect on all things marketing. Their podcast has built a sense of community both with their audience, but also in the new community and relationships they are helping to build. 

And to think… some people record a podcast, promote it once, and move one! Get more insights into what the Lumavate team is doing with their podcast by listening to Stephanie and Michelle’s full interview here

Lev’s Commitment to Building Trust with Sales & Marketing 

What came first, the podcast or the marketer? In the case of Holly Enneking, VP of Marketing and Alliances at Lev, it was the former. Two members from the Lev sales team had already jumped on creating a podcast before Holly had even started. 

But for Holly, this wasn’t a problem, it was an amazing opportunity. Too often in organizations, the sales and marketing relationship can be a huge challenge. But at Lev, both teams were designed to work together. And because of this, they’ve built an amazing relationship that enables them to collaborate and work together seamlessly, especially on their podcast In the Clouds

Their podcast started as a passion project from two sales team members, but quickly became an opportunity for Lev to further develop their expertise in the space. The two hosts have had plenty of opportunity to talk with customers and understand their challenges, pain points, and needs, making them the perfect duo to lead the podcasting charge. 

But podcasting without a full strategy can be taxing and hard to keep up with. Holly and her team offered to lift more of the weight with the podcast. By doing this, they offered topics, a cadence, and opportunities to create more from the podcast. The hosting duo were happy to accept the help and continue the show on a more regular cadence. 

This collaboration seems seamless and natural for the Lev team, but Holly is convinced this is because of the time Lev has spent on building trust and relationships between the marketing teams. 

Lev is an excellent example of a show that leans on collaboration to bring together two teams to create a show that adds value to their business, but more importantly, adds tremendous value to their audience. 

Listen to Holly’s full interview here

Loving what you’re hearing in Season 5 so far? Make sure to check out each of the episodes and subscribe to be the first to gain access to each episode every week.