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SaaS Companies That Are Winning with Creative Content

After weeks, months, or even years of blood, tears, and sweat, you’ve finally done it: you’ve created a great SaaS product — at least as far as you and your supporters are concerned.

Now you’re ready to share it with the world and watch as users come running to you with no extra effort. But that’s not how it works.

When you launch a new SaaS product, it’s equal parts exciting and stressful. Why?

    • The competition for market share in the SaaS space is fierce. It’s predicted to grow at a rate of 21.2% by 2023. 
    • There’s increasing demand for SaaS.
    •  There are plenty of other excellent products consumers can choose from.

You could wait and hope for the best, but you may end up among the 92% of SaaS companies that fail within a few years.

Or you can choose to get better at SaaS marketing and promoting your product — because your audience won’t just bump into it. 

And if you’re not as popular as other companies that maximize SaaS marketing strategies, it’s even harder to compete. That’s why you should amp up your own SaaS marketing campaigns.  — because you can attract and retain the right audience with creative content marketing and eventually turn them into loyal customers.

There’s just one problem: creating such content can be challenging — especially coming up with new ideas and sustaining the momentum consistently. That’s why we picked a few examples of SaaS companies that are winning with creative content to show you that it’s doable. 

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Examples of SaaS Companies with Creative Content

SaaS marketing isn’t straightforward. That’s because most SaaS brands have an intangible yet constantly evolving product, which they market to a specific set of customers.

Yet, in the past decade, we’ve seen SaaS brands perform exceptionally well in creative marketing campaigns. As it turns out, some of the top SaaS brands are master storytellers. They know how to communicate their value to the end-users outside of mapping MQL and LTV.

We cherry-picked a few examples of creative SaaS marketing campaigns that will inspire you as you create your content to win leads and sales. 


Attentive, a text message marketing solution, may not be among the key players in the global SMS marketing software market. But they certainly know how to make their voice heard through creative content. 

The company uses real-time behavioral data to help eCommerce brands engage their consumers at each step of the customer journey. 

Attentive consistently creates engaging content like its SMS Holiday Village — an interactive resource that takes the audience on a choose-your-own-adventure experience. 

The goal of the adventure is to help their customers achieve their business goals while having a little bit of fun. The three personalized experiences are based on the customers’ business goals: 

    • Drive traffic to online and physical stores
    • Increase eCommerce revenue
    • Nurture an audience of brand loyalists

As the audience explores the village, they collect text messaging examples, tips, and insights from fellow marketers to help them build their brand’s SMS strategy. They even get to earn a badge or special gift upon completing the journey. 


You probably offer free trials of your product. But did you know you can engage your customers from when they sign up for the trial until they convert? 

Aritic, a full-stack automation platform, does that through a tailored email flow that focuses on customer activation. They encourage trial users to become more and more familiar with its service while it’s still free to use. 

The automated email series connects with trial users at different stages of the trial period. Users get different emails depending on their activity (or inactivity), which continually push them to engage with the Aritic platform. 

As they experience the platform’s benefits, they get used to how it operates — consequently, their chances of converting to paying customers increases

The best part of it all: Aritic used its PinPoint software to create the email flow. And they highlight the tool as they share their strategy with readers of their blog. 

How Terminus Is Winning with Creativity

Terminus, a leading account-based marketing platform, also does creative, catchy content. In fact they purposely set out to do stuff that no one in B2B has done before, and that would have everyone else copying them. 

We love what they’re doing right now with the unique Carmen San Diego detective idea for their ebook: Stop Obsessing Over Leads. Terminus uses this creative approach to promote its content and get the audience to read the ebook.

Terminus also came up with the dumpster fire concept. This time around, they went with a more authentic kind of marketing to help the company fill their community of loyal raving fans. 

The company wanted to share how well they did in 2020 without looking like they’re bragging about it. So, they designed the message: 2020 has been a dumpster fire. Leave the dumpster fire behind and build growth in 2021 growth with Terminus. 

But that’s not all. The team also came up with a creative strategy to deliver the messaging. The idea: get into a dumpster and light a fire. Sounds crazy, right? Well, besides having fun filming on a 30-degree (Fahrenheit) day in the cold, the idea worked like a charm and turned into a massive campaign (they didn’t get into the dumpster, though). 

The moral of the story: 

    • Get creative 
    • Take chances with your ideas
    • Break the playbook
    • Be authentic
    • Know your audience
    • Try new things

How Casted Helps Power Your Creative Projects

Creative content marketing isn’t just about website content or blog posts.  It encompasses everything from photos and videos, podcasts, custom images like infographics and social media content. That means endless possibilities for innovative and creative uses of content marketing for your SaaS brand — no matter the size. 

Sometimes it takes a general marketing strategy, specific campaign, or — like in Terminus’ case — a crazy idea — that gets the engine running. 

With creative, engaging content, you can build a scalable brand awareness engine for your SaaS brand. Be strategic, build relationships while you’re at it, and soon enough, you’ll see an upward tick in your traffic, conversions, sales, and revenue.

Need a creative content marketing strategy to propel your SaaS brand’s growth? Let Casted help. We know that there’s no one-size-fits-all SaaS marketing strategy. That’s why our team creates custom creative strategies for SaaS companies. Schedule a demo to find out how we can help your company get the creative juices flowing.