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Casted Video Podcasting is Here

Have you ever wished that you could watch your favorite podcasts? 

Well, get excited because Casted Video Podcasting is officially here! And we're launching it the best way we know how...by actually doing it ourselves!

So buckle up to find out exactly what video podcasting is, why we created it, how brands can utilize it, and, of course, the value it creates for you and your audience.

Watch (or listen to) this bonus episode of The Casted Podcast all about Video Podcasting!



Digging into Key Takeaways

In each episode, we like to highlight the key takeaways from each show. Think of it as a podcast outline or live show notes. Here are just a few of the takeaways that really stood out to us in this episode.

Using visuals to enhance human connection 🤝

We can all agree that one of the best things about podcasts is the intimacy they create between their hosts and audiences. And sometimes adding visuals to that audio content can enhance that intimacy. Casted Video Podcasting allows your audience to put a face to the voice and further humanize your host, guests, and brand, as well as pick up on nuances and personalities that may not fully come through in audio-only content. 

Wringing out existing videos into podcasts and other content ♻️

Many brands already have videos that they've recorded in the form of webinars or video interviews. This is a great opportunity to take these already existing assets and turn them it into a podcast – both video and audio. You can then further repurpose that content to create clips to embed into blog posts or share as audiograms or videograms on social media, enabling you to serve that video and audio experience throughout your marketing strategy. 

Creating value for brands by streamlining processes and consolidating tools 📈

One of the great things about video podcasting in Casted is the ability to add, manage, amplify, and measure your podcast videos in the same way that you would with your audio-only podcast. So instead of having multiple tools, teams, and workflows to create your audio and video content, you're able to do it all in house without the need for a bloated tech stack or an extra set of hands.

Connecting with your audience in the way that they choose 🔗

Now more than ever, there's real value in seeing faces on video. Though, in a world where Zoom-fatigue is very real, there are moments where you may just want audio because it allows you to consume that content while doing something else. So by adding Casted Video Podcasting to your content marketing arsenal, you are able to give your audience the option between video and audio, thus allowing you to connect with them when and how they choose. 

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