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Why Casted Is the Best Podcast Hosting Platform for Your Overall Content Marketing Strategy

Choosing the best podcast hosting platform is an important first step in starting your own B2B podcast. A podcast host has the necessary resources to store and deliver a successful and engaging podcast. But out of all the podcast platforms out there, can you find a hosting platform that cares as much about your content as you do?

Most platforms offer the ability to easily upload episodes, syndicate with major players, access unlimited bandwidth, and measure performance. And then there is Casted, who in addition to all of the above, has also created a hosting platform that makes B2B podcasting and video content marketing easier. 

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5 Reasons Why Casted is the Best Podcast Hosting Platform for Your Content Marketing Strategy

With Casted’s podcast hosting platform, you can not only manage your podcast and video content in a simple and intuitive way, but you can promote your content across all channels and track performance:

1. Easily Upload Your Content

Upload your audio and video content and quickly syndicate it to major players like Apple, Spotify, and YouTube. Or, seamlessly and automatically publish your episode to your website with a customized page that meets all of your brand standards.

How episodes appear inside the Casted platform

Once, uploaded, Casted’s platform allows you to:

2. Transcribe and Store Your Podcast Content 

With one click, your published audio and video podcast content is automatically transcribed and stored in your own centralized and searchable content library — which makes finding any particular blurb, conversation, or even specific word from an old episode easy.

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3. Use Stored Content to Access Key Takeaways, Clips, and Copy & Share It Across Other Channels 

From your content library, you can repurpose your podcasts and videos by creating audio or video clips or snippets of relevant and engaging copy. Then, you can embed that copy into your blog posts, email newsletters, or social media posts, which allows you to maximize the reach of every single piece of content you create. 

For example, if your business’s content marketing strategy for the month is to focus on gaining new leads by demonstrating your knowledge of building a B2B podcast, simply log into your content library and search for “building a B2B podcast.” Anything you have ever recorded about B2B podcasts has been transcribed and stored for you to reuse or repurpose into new content for social media

4. Increase the ROI of Your Content

By repurposing your podcast and video content and amplifying it across multiple channels in multiple formats, you will not only save time and money, but you can also drive future leads, conversions, and sales. Furthermore, by leveraging human-level transcription as a source for supplemental written content, you can improve SEO, which also leads to increased ROI. 

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5. Measure Your Results

Understanding your podcast and video content’s ROI and business impact is all available and actionable in Casted. It is also linkable and easy to access in your CRM and marketing automation platform. With our video podcasting platform, you can clearly see which brands, contacts and accounts are interested in what your brand has to say. You can also identify top-performing podcasts, videos, and themes, as well as measure the results with true firmographic data (using Casted Insights).
Casted Insights provides firmographic data about who's engaging with your podcast or video.

With Casted, you can identify and focus on what’s working for your business. 

Go Casted

Casted’s podcast hosting platform has not only taken podcast hosting a step further by providing the tools needed to reuse and repurpose your content easily, but it has also developed the tools needed to properly measure your podcast’s value and business impact too. Check out a demo and see what we can do for your brand.

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