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A Comprehensive Guide to B2B Podcasting

By 2024, a staggering 424.2 million people worldwide will be tuning in to podcasts. With their immense reach and numerous direct business advantages, the moment to launch your very own B2B podcast is now.

Curious about what B2B podcasting entails and how to embark on this content journey for your business? Look no further! Drawing from our vast experience of producing three successful B2B podcasts with hundreds of episodes, we have crafted a comprehensive guide to help you kickstart your podcasting adventure.

Why Start a B2B Podcast? 

Not only does launching a B2B podcast enable you to expand your audience, produce compelling content, and boost your revenue, but it also offers a multitude of other reasons to take the plunge. Here are the key benefits of starting a B2B podcast:

A B2B Podcast Helps You Build Relationships with Your Target Audience

Podcasts are an intimate medium that allow you to connect with your target audience on a personal level. Through podcasting, your target audience gets the chance to hear your voice and learn the nuances that make your company unique. Ultimately, they get to meet the human behind the brand.

Plus, by providing valuable content that addresses their pain points and interests, you can build a loyal community of listeners who trust your brand. This can lead to meaningful relationships with your customers, prospects, and industry influencers, helping you strengthen your B2B relationships.

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A B2B Podcast Helps You Establish Your Business as a Thought Leader

With a B2B podcast, you gain a powerful platform to share your own expertise and insights, as well as those of your guest speakers, on crucial industry trends, challenges, and best practices. By consistently delivering valuable content through your podcast, you establish yourself as a thought leader in your field, building credibility and influence among your target audience. 

Before long, with a little time and effort, business leaders will look to your podcast as a trusted source for valuable business information.

A B2B Podcast Is a Relatively Inexpensive Marketing Medium

The equipment and software needed to start podcasting are often affordable and readily available. Fancy equipment is not required, especially when starting out. Plus, once you have the equipment, podcasting generally only requires time and resources already owned by your business.

A B2B Podcast Is a Great Way to Amplify Your Brand

A B2B podcast serves as a powerful brand-building tool. Through your podcast, you reinforce your brand message, voice, and values, creating a consistent brand experience for your audience. 

We say it over and over in business these days, but more than ever, you are your brand, and podcasting is a great way to let people get to know you!

Create Your B2B Podcast Strategy

As you consider B2B podcasting, it's crucial to align your show with your business goals and define your expectations. Setting realistic goals for your podcast and identifying the metrics to track them is essential. Consider how many listeners you’d like to acquire, the number of leads you’d like to generate, and how you'll measure success in becoming a thought leader in your industry

In addition to goal setting, your B2B podcast strategy will include seven crucial steps to take before you can produce your first episode. 

  1. Determine your podcast niche. 
  2. Create your podcast brand.
  3. Choose your podcast episode format.
  4. Choose your podcast hosting platform.
  5. Choose your podcast host.
  6. Create a content plan.
  7. Purchase recording equipment and editing software.

Record Your First Episode 

You’ve sold leadership on why you want to start a B2B podcast, your goals are defined, and your strategy is in check. It's time to record (and maybe even film) your first episode. 

While creating your strategy, you most likely came up with a content plan to use for your first six months to a year of podcasting to help keep you on track. Now:

  1. Choose the first topic and ensure that you have researched it and taken the appropriate steps to fully understand it.
  2. Use your research to create script notes and interview questions that you can share with your guest in advance. Although we love natural conversation, script notes for both parties will make sure you stay on track, produce engaging content, and remember crucial points.
  3. Set up the recording equipment and software that you purchased. Choose a quiet space with good lighting (if you intend to shoot video). Adjust your equipment and set the recording levels. Although it is possible to record in different locations, it's best to choose one and adjust your equipment appropriately for the best overall sound quality. 
  4. Do a short test recording.
  5. Start recording your first episode. While podcasting and video recording can be conducted with the host and guest in separate locations, whenever possible, consider inviting your guest to join you in person. This not only facilitates a seamless recording process but also fosters a connection and rapport between you and your guest, building a stronger relationship.
  6. Publish your episode on your podcast hosting platform and syndicate it to the major platforms.

Promote Your Show

You’ve done it! Your first episode is up and running. It’s now time to promote your show

As marketers, we know that content is like gold, and we also know that it is difficult and time-consuming to create. But, the beautiful thing about podcasts (video podcasts in particular), is that they are packed full of amazing content that can be repurposed and re-used across multiple channels. 

Try sharing the link to your podcast episode, or little snippets of your podcast across your social media channels. Transcribe it and write about it in a blog, or share it in an email newsletter. The more of the right people you can get it in front of the better. 

B2B Podcast Upkeep

Maintaining a consistent publishing schedule for your podcast is essential to meet your listeners' expectations and to prevent your episodes from getting lost in the sea of podcasts. Inconsistency in publishing can harm your relationship with your audience, as humans appreciate reliability. 

With Casted, you can set your podcasting goals up for success by easily publishing and syndicating new episodes while gaining valuable insights into key engagement metrics to keep you on track. Ready to start your B2B podcast? Request a demo today!