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How a B2B Podcast Helps Build Meaningful Customer Relationships

B2B podcasts are a killer way to build meaningful customer relationships. They humanize your brand, provide valuable insights and information to listeners, and establish the host and guests as thought leaders in their industry. B2B podcasts also foster a sense of community and connection among listeners by creating a platform for open and honest conversations between businesses that encourage networking and collaboration. 

By consistently delivering high-quality content and fostering a sense of community, B2B podcasts build trust and credibility with customers, ultimately strengthening relationships and long-term loyalty.

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Building Customer Relationships in a Digital Era

Let’s face it, digitalization has taken us away from one-on-one in-person interactions with customers. Instead of going to a business or picking up the phone to learn more about an idea, product, or service, we are turning to chatbots, search engines, blogs, and podcasts for information. But, while technology has shifted the way we gather information, B2B podcasts offer a unique opportunity to bring personalization back to the forefront. By showcasing the voices and real conversations between your business's key players and episode guests, you can humanize your brand and create a stronger, more meaningful relationship with your audience.

Let’s dig in.

With B2B podcasts, you can provide your listeners with valuable insights and information.

By consistently delivering the insights and information that your audience seeks, you lay the foundation for trust, the first step in building an authentic relationship. As a trusted source, your listeners know they can rely on you for guidance that positively impacts their lives or businesses.

B2B podcasts establish the business, host, and guests as thought leaders in their industry. 

Inviting guests from similar businesses or successful customers not only offers listeners a wealth of valuable insights but also strengthens your connection with them. By extending an invitation to be a guest on your show, you demonstrate your admiration and appreciation for their expertise and contribute to building a deeper, more meaningful relationship. Meaningful conversations with (or for) your customers through podcasting are a powerful way to strengthen business ties and drive positive results.

B2B podcasts help to foster a sense of community and connection.

A B2B podcast can foster a sense of community and connection among listeners by creating a platform for open and honest conversations between businesses, thus encouraging networking and collaboration.

The Power of Conversation with Sangram Vajre 

Please tell me you had a chance to tune into the FlipMyFunnel podcast while it was still around. If not, we can still be friends, but I’m telling you, it was one of the most successful B2B podcast gems. It’s proof that a B2B podcast can help build meaningful customer relationships.

With more than 475 episodes and an unprecedented five-star rating on Apple Podcasts, FlipMyFunnel was a part of so many listeners’ daily lives, lending new perspectives and outside industry expertise through authentic, unscripted conversations with marketers around the globe. 

Sangram Vajre, Co-Founder of Terminus, first launched the podcast at the beginning of 2018 when he realized the conversations he was already having with peers held nuggets of pure gold for marketers. With a strategy as simple as pushing record at the start of the discussions, Sangram began one of the most organic (and successful) podcasts to date. 

Casted’s own CEO & Co-Founder, Lindsay Tjepkema had the chance to have her own conversation with the industry pioneer as part of The Casted Podcast series. She learned about how Sangram managed the content and production for a daily show, and why he believes relationships are a metric all their own

Sangram loves a good conversation. From professional skills to tactics to passions and beyond, he’s curious about the steps people have taken to get where they are and loves sharing that intel with others. The best way to glean genuine content, he says? Toss the script in the trash and just be real with people.

With time and a little feedback, Sangram began adding an intro icebreaker to each show, as well as a summary of two or three “big ideas,” and a challenge to leave listeners fired up. Everything in between, however, was just a good, old-fashioned chat. 

During its lifespan, the majority of FlipMyFunnel’s guests were sourced by Sangram himself, allowing for even deeper, authentic discussions with people he knew (or wanted to know). As a business leader, Sangram understood that launching a podcast sometimes takes a backseat to other initiatives with more immediate ROI. But as a long-term medium, podcasting is more about what he called ROR — “return on relationships.” 

ROR The Podcast Metric to Measure Today 

As we can see from Sangram, the innovator of ROR, B2B podcasts are a steadfast approach to building meaningful customer relationships. By humanizing your brand, providing valuable insights, positioning yourself and your guest as industry thought leaders, and fostering a sense of community, B2B podcasts are a sweet solution for elevating your connection with customers.

If that wasn’t reason enough to start your own B2B podcast, you can host, syndicate, and distribute your B2B audio and video content with Casted's ground-breaking Amplified Marketing platform. Podcasting has never been easier.