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Building a 100K Audience in Less Than Two Years with Gong's Jordan Feise

A lot of us in content marketing are tasked with growing our brand’s audience. Sometimes it can seem like a very long-term goal, and we’re not always sure if our efforts are having any effect. 

That’s where podcasting, whether audio or video, is so powerful. Some may downplay brand awareness, but podcasting is so effective at expanding your reach when you deliver just what your audience wants — like the customer’s unfiltered voice — and you can measure that reach with some simple metrics.

In this episode of The Casted Podcast, we are joined by Jordan Feise, Senior Content Marketing Manager at Gong. She tells us how she exceeded the call to action by growing her podcast audience by over 100,000 listeners in just a couple years. Plus Jordan has a wealth of tips and advice for promotion, content amplification, and just getting started with a podcast. 

Digging into Key Takeaways

For each episode, we like to highlight some key takeaways. Think of it as a podcast outline or live show notes. Here are just a few of the takeaways that really stood out to us in this episode.

Content Marketer Turned Podcaster 🎧

A lot of content marketers are natural podcasters. The big difference is your source of content. You’re essentially talking and interviewing experts as your primary content creation method, instead of having to create blog posts and ebooks from scratch. Plus with transcription tech, you can take those conversations and turn them into all the omnichannel formats you need.

How to Promote Messages, Not Products 🗣

As a main driver of brand awareness, podcasts are about building relationships, not selling products. After all, how many people become your friend when you ask them for money in the first five minutes after meeting them? And holding an event can help you build relationships not only with your audience but among the expert network you’ll build your content from. 

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Listen to the Customer’s Voice in an Unfiltered Way 👂

Figuring out what your audience wants to know about is the ongoing mission of any podcast. Case studies or use cases remain as one of the most valuable kinds of content a brand can produce. They reveal the voice of the customer, highlight industry trends, and discuss current hot topics. That’s what brands and audiences are interested in most, and that’s exactly what Gong has been doing too, both with their podcast and their actual product.

Create Content by Consuming Content 💡

Where do you go when you think you’re out of content ideas? Jordan has two suggestions: Go to the well of audience feedback and eat… um, consume more great content. 

What Is Social Listening?❓

There are a lot of ways to listen to your audience and know what they like most about listening to (and watching) your podcast. Social media isn’t just the top way to promote content; it’s also one of the best feedback conduits you could have. Today you have a great number of tools at your disposal to help you know which topics and which influencers resonate best with your listeners.

A Tool That Saves Time ⏲

What could you do if you had a tool that helped you identify the relevant content you’ve already produced and amplify it across different channels? And what if it also took you less time than the methods you’ve used before? 

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