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How LogicGate Squeezes the Juice out of Every Podcast Episode

When you think about where podcasts fit into a marketing strategy, your first thought might be “well podcasts are just for brand awareness.” And while that’s partially true, podcasts are great for brand awareness, that’s not the only way marketing teams can use them to drive their business forward. 

As the Director of Marketing at LogicGate, Carolyn Chapin is responsible for thinking about more than just brand awareness for her company. Her role at LogicGate encompasses demand gen, content, digital strategy, and all of their digital channels. 

So when Carolyn joined the team and became one of the brilliant minds behind their podcast GRC & Me (along with producer James Serra and host Megan Phee), she knew that she had to find more ways to utilize the podcast across her broader strategies.  

How did Carolyn and her team take their podcast and work it into their overall demand gen and digital marketing strategies? Let’s break down some of the amazing work the LogicGate team is doing to put their podcast at the center of their strategies!

Incorporating the podcast into their content strategy 

As a former journalist and SEO aficionado, Carolyn understands the value that content has to attract an audience and build a loyal fanbase. So when she joined the LogicGate team and took on their podcast, it was important for her to see how the podcast fit into their overall content strategy. 

For LogicGate, the podcast is more than just a one-off channel. Instead, they look for ways that the podcast can create additional value in their entire content journey. 

To bring this to life, the podcast team ideates concepts they’ll cover on the show and then they think about ways to convert those topics into additional content formats. 

In addition to ideation, the team uses actual data to influence decisions. Podcast episodes that have performed well, topics that resonated with their audience are all fodder for fueling future content initiatives. 

Using the podcast across their channels

For Carolyn, the value of the podcast goes beyond just brand awareness. She sees the value it has for building that awareness and building relationships with their audience, but she also knows that the content on the podcast is valuable and it should be used as such. 

As they create different content pieces, they think about all the different ways they can incorporate the podcast into their different marketing channels. As Carolyn calls it, they really like to think of their podcast as an orange and squeezing all the juice out of it. Ahem, we totally connect with this. 

In addition to the podcast channel itself, the team thinks of ways to incorporate episodes into their different channels including: email nurture streams, blogs, social media, and even into the buying process. 

They use clips and videos that they capture when recording, and distribute them out into their content and their different channels as a way to further connect with their audience and with the guests who are appearing on their show. It’s proved to be a very effective way for LogicGate to connect with the community that they are trying to build in the risk management space. 

Reusing and repurposing their podcast

Part of LogicGate’s 2021 initiatives include making the podcast a bigger part of how they’re thinking about content strategy, and their marketing strategies overall. A current project includes diving into the GRC & Me podcast archive and finding ways to both incorporate those episodes into their content and uncover the episodes that are performing really well among their audience. 

By doing this, they’ll be able to breathe life back into these very valuable episodes by pulling clips into new and existing content and distributing them across their different channels giving them a fresh round of promotion. Because let’s be honest, a podcast houses some of the best insights due to the nature of conversations and the guests on the show, so why should episodes run once and be forgotten about?

Additionally, tapping into episodes that performed really well gives you insight into topics and themes that you should reuse and repurpose because they really resonate with your audience. 

The impact of podcasting

As a seasoned marketer with a strong background in demand gen, focusing on brand awareness and softer metrics can be a tough pill to swallow. But as we’ve already discussed, Carolyn sees the value in podcasting beyond just brand awareness. 

The work she’s doing to incorporate the podcast into more traditional marketing initiatives and channels is setting herself and her team up for a successful future with podcasting. By integrating the podcast into her overall strategy, unlocking new metrics and understanding the podcast’s place in her success story becomes easier over time. 

Instead of looking at some of the softer engagement metrics as frustrating, Carolyn sees them as a useful tool for understanding how her audience is interacting with this relatively new channel and content format. It’s also unlocking new data that will serve her and her team well in the future.

Interested in hearing more from Carolyn about how LogicGate approaches their podcast? Listen to the full episode below!

Ready to take a page from LogicGate’s book and start using your podcast to fuel your digital marketing strategy? Let's talk!