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Podcast Script: How to Write One and How Long Should It Be? (Template)

If you've ever wanted to start a B2B podcast but didn't know where to begin, this podcast writing guide will help you get started.

A podcast is usually a series of episodes, each with its own theme or topic. While podcasts look easy because many are conversational, there is a lot of preparation and hard work that goes into every episode.

One way to get started with podcasting is to write a script as it can reveal a lot about what you want to say, how you want to say it, and what to keep or cut out of the episode. It'll also help you discover what the elements of a good podcast for your brand are. A script can help you keep your podcast on track, and it will give you a place to start when recording. It also offers you the opportunity to be strategic about what content you’re creating and putting out into the world.

Here are some tips to help you to prepare and write your podcast script.

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What Should I Include in a Podcast?

In order to write a successful podcast script, you need to know what makes a good one. A good podcast script is one that tells a story, and one that keeps the listener engaged. But first, you'll need to decide what kind of podcast you want to create. Do you want it to be an educational series? A thought leadership show? A how-to guide? What is the best structure for a podcast for your brand?

A good rule of thumb when writing scripts for podcasts is to build everything around your intended audience and keep things simple! When planning out the show, think about what topics (within the niche you’ve chosen) would be interesting for your audience. You can also decide whether or not there should be breaks between segments. 

When writing your podcast script, make sure that each segment is about four minutes long — this will help keep your listeners from losing interest and also makes it easier for them to find specific topics within the episode.

Podcasts usually have an opening segment (where you introduce yourself, the topic, and your guests), middle segments (where you talk about a topic or multiple topics), and an ending segment (where you summarize what was discussed).

You should also include some sort of call to action in your script. This means that you encourage people to take action after listening to your podcast, such as sharing it with their friends, subscribing to your newsletter, or checking out more of your brand’s content. 

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What Are Podcast Segments?

A segment is any part of your podcast that focuses on one topic or idea. It could be a question asked by the host or guest during an interview, or it could be a summary of a related topic that works as its own segment. Segments are often set apart with music, but they don’t have to be! A segment can also be an advertisement for your business, product, or service if it fits within the context of the show (for example, if it relates to something discussed previously).

Be sure that each segment in your podcast has something unique about it; otherwise, listeners won't be able to tell which part they're listening to at any given moment. If you’re doing a video podcast, you could include a title card at the beginning or end of each segment that explains what topic it covers (for example, "This week's episode features an interview with [famous person]."). This way listeners know what they can expect from each segment before they listen so they don't get lost along the way!

How Long Should a Podcast Be?

Once you know who your audience is and you've decided on the topic of your podcast, it's time to think about length. This is often decided by what your audience finds most relevant to the topic at hand. 

Podcasts are typically between 20-30 minutes long (although some can run longer). The standard length for a podcast is 20-25 minutes uninterrupted by ads or other content breaks. For most audiences, this amount of time is enough for them to get into the meat of what they're trying to say without having too much information packed into one episode. 

Podcasts can be as short as five minutes. If you’re new to the industry and want to get started quickly, try making a five-minute episode. Once you become more comfortable with the format, try expanding the episode to 10-15 minutes for your audience and increase it in increments as you get more comfortable. 

It’s important to stay consistent with the length of your podcast because this is what your audience will be expecting from you. This gives them the opportunity to plan to listen to it on a walk or commuting to work or school. So choose a length and stick as closely to it as possible. 

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A Podcast Script Template

Here’s a sample template for how to write a podcast script to get you started. Your podcast certainly doesn’t have to follow this template, and it can be adjusted based on the unique needs of your podcast, guests, and audience. 

Quick Summary  

Topic 1

Topic 2
Point 1

Topic 3


Final Thoughts

To produce good-quality podcast content, it’s important to prepare beforehand. You don’t have to write your script word for word; an outline will do just fine to keep you on track. But taking the time to write out a podcast script of notes and topics for each episode is a surefire way that your content remains high quality and valuable to your listeners. 

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