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How an Amplified Marketing Approach Impacts Other Areas of Your Business

We are living in extraordinary times. A global pandemic forced us to evolve and adjust to a “new normal” in both daily life and work. Remote working replaced office desk time, and social distancing rules caused us to reevaluate how we connect with one another to remain close.

During this season of reevaluation, we challenge you to take a hard look at your old ways of content marketing. Chances are, what may have worked well in the past just isn’t feasible to take you where you want to be in the future. You may also think to yourself: There must be some better way to establish and drive customer relationships.

The good news is that there is a better way, and it’s called amplified marketing. This new approach to content marketing focuses on putting expert interviews and conversations at the center of your content strategy and then amplifying those voices into your marketing strategy. Amplified marketing is poised to take you into a “new normal” of evolved content marketing — one that is anything but average.

At Casted, some of the things we were paying attention to during this new evolution are not just traditional marketing metrics. Instead, we want to also keep an eye out for how other areas of the business are being impacted by the content that we’re creating. After all, in reality, that’s what content marketing should be — something that can seamlessly flow into other areas of the business and drive growth.

Case in point: Content marketing should flow into the customer arena. It should flow into sales. It should even positively impact your employees. What can amplified marketing do for you as you seek to step up your content marketing strategy and ensure that it is free-flowing into all of these areas? There are numerous ways we can help revolutionize your brand, but we will focus on the three main areas where we see amplified marketing having the most impact: customers, sales, and employees.


Let’s talk about customer retention. What does it take in today’s industry to not only gain an audience but to keep them coming back day after day (subscribing and buying)? Let’s start with talking about what has been keeping them away in the first place.

People today don’t like the old traditional marketing model, where they are constantly being subjected to a barrage of outright advertisements and marketing campaigns. Instead, today’s consumers want open communication and authentic dialog with brands. This open communication requires — even demands — brands to make a connection with consumers. And establishing rapport will pave the way to that vital connection.

Brands need a content strategy that allows them to easily connect with their target audience and gain their trust (and ultimately, even their loyalty).

This is why podcasts are gaining popularity by the hour. They are the perfect channels to connect with audiences right where they are, at their convenience, and on their terms. For the longest time, the old way of marketing did not factor in customers’ wants and needs as the top priority. The marketing itself was the focus versus the consumer. Amplified marketing rights the scales, shifting the focus back to the consumer, redeclaring that the customer is king (as it should be).

Not only are customers being served by podcasts — being placed back in their rightful position on the throne as a listening audience — but amplified marketing also takes podcasts up a notch. How? We’re consistently breaking apart the discussions we have in our podcast episodes and using areas of the conversation to develop in-depth blog posts, bite-sized social posts, and even short videos that we upload across various channels.

All of this allows us to better serve our customers by providing them with better resources, education, ideas, and much more — all of which inevitably lead to customer retention.

The best part is that we make it very simple to achieve this by enabling you to upload content across channels and even track metrics. Plus, you can search our database to quickly find episodes and other content you’ve published so you can easily find and share it. Taking conversations across channels is fast and easy, enabling you to reach more potential customers.


Ramp up your reach — and increase your ROI — by letting amplified marketing elevate your sales strategy. A common pitfall we often see in the industry today is the presence of silos across departments and databases. We at Casted know that this is a recipe for failure — or at the very least, a surefire way to ensure utter frustration and total inefficiency.

So what is the solution when it comes to the success of sales and marketing initiatives? Access. More specifically: Seamless access.

Imagine using podcast episodes as video content, blog content, and social media content as your internal sales enablement. That is precisely what amplified marketing does. It allows you to seamlessly up your ante (and increase your sales) by harnessing the power of an expert voice (your podcast), then amplifying that voice across multiple channels within your organization for better alignment, greater efficiency, and bottom-line growth.

As our customers can attest, Casted makes the process of sharing marketing content and data with sales painless, empowering them with the information they need to communicate, nurture, and close deals with prospects. Translation: Sales, sales, sales.


Finally, amplified marketing will have an undeniable impact on your employees, revolutionizing the experience and effectiveness of your marketing team. There is no doubt that content marketers have a high bar to reach. Some might even say it is impossible to grasp at times. We expect a lot. According to an Accenture study of over 1,000 marketing executives from 17 countries and 14 industries:

    • 100% of respondents agreed that content overload has become a top challenge.
    • 92% said the volume of the content being produced is much higher than it was two years ago.
    • 50% said they currently have more content than they are fully prepared to manage.

Clearly, something must give. How can you offer your team the support and guidance it craves and needs? By creating a great company culture that focuses on better engagement. The amplified marketing approachtent marketers be more engaged by having a more manageable workload due to the repurposing of content, greater efficiency, and better ways to track performance. All of this allows them to do their jobs better, with less churn-and-burn.

We see it all around us: employees leaving companies in droves due to a lack of feeling supported or an otherwise negative work environment, much of which stems from a lack of community. One way that we help you create a positive environment in your organization and build community is through our unique offering of internal podcasting.

This allows employers to enable their team(s) to have conversations and get feedback on products and services while also making people feel like they’re truly a part of something collaborative. Because ultimately, that’s what we all want. We want to feel like we’re part of something bigger than ourselves and like our voice is being heard. Amplified marketing brings this option to the table, with many other side dishes to sweeten the deal.

Bottom Line

The old way of content marketing simply isn’t working anymore. Times are changing, and amplified marketing is leading the way into a new normal by serving our audiences before serving search engines, starting with a conversation, and building your content from that conversation to help you connect with your audience in a more insightful and meaningful way.

For more on amplified marketing, check out The Amplified Marketing Playbook: The Next Generation of Content Marketing.